20+ Sex Games For Couples in Long Distance Relationships

By | March 1, 2022

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If you’re in a long-distance relationship and need to spice up your sex life, we’ve got you covered. These are just some of the sex games for couples in long distance relationships.

Just because you live on opposite sides of the country or the world, you need to keep the spice in your life alive. For couples who have been together for multiple years or who are currently going through a ‘drought,’ bringing something new and exciting into your relationship can help you rekindle the romance.

After all, being intimate with one another is the gateway to facilitating better communication, having fun together, and building a more meaningful connection. One of hte best ways to spice up your sex life is by exploring sex games for you and your partner. Since there are so many on the market today, you can experiment with different options, seeing which one brings you and your partner the connection and intimacy you are looking for.

Truth or Dare

When it comes to truth or dare, you can either use a pre-set truth or dare game with sex-related questions, or you can simply use your imagination and try your own! If you and your partner are a creative couple, you can look up some naughty and interesting questions that will either have your partner telling a hidden secret or doing a sexual dare.

Some of the best questions to ask your partner could be:

  • What is something that turns you on?
  • Do you ever watch porn?
  • Who would you prefer to dominate in bed?

Strip Poker

Another popular game to try with your long-distance partner is strip poker. All you need are poker chips, a poker table, and clothes — to begin with, at least. The game works by playing poker with your partner. Once you win a hand, you can tell your partner to remove a piece of clothing.

Partners can either play where they decide the article of clothing to be removed, or their partner chooses. Either way, you are going to want to keep playing until someone is the official winner!


KINDU is an exciting and adventurous game that can help you open up romantically, physically, and psychologically with your partner. The purpose of the game is to help you broaden your communication skills with your partner, talk about your deepest fears, and get rid of any embarrassment that was previously in your relationship. By facilitating open and honest communication through this app, partners can learn how to do activities together, create new connections, and express themselves to one another.


iBliss is a first-person online board game that is available on electronic devices. This realistic game takes details from your real-world such as your physical appearance, clothes, background noise, or sex toys in your environment, and then picks actions for you to complete while your partner is watching.

20 Questions

One of the best games to play with your long-distance partner is 20 questions. You can choose what type of category you want to ask your partner — do you want to stick with sexual questions, or would you rather ask them about deeper secrets? There are plenty of choices that can keep the game flirty, explore the dirty side of your relationship, or add humor to you and your partner’s life.

2 truths and 1 lie

Two truths and one lie is a game of seeing how well your partner knows you and your past. You will tell them two truths that you have actually done or are true about yourself and one lie — then, your partner must guess which one is the lie. If they get the answer right, you can reward them!

Dirty Voice Messages

If you are in a long-term relationship, sometimes your partner just needs to hear your voice to feel excited about the relationship and feel turned on. Leaving dirty voice messages is a great way to rekindle the spark of your relationship. You can even send a dirty voice message while your partner is out in public for a little added spice and temptation!

Second Life Sex Games

Second Life Sex Games are 3-dimensional porn games that can give you and your partner adult content to explore together. In this game, you can explore your sexual fantasies, find out if you have any dark kinks, and then communicate these thoughts with your partner of things to try the next time you see one another.

Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is a very simple game. All you have to do is say the phrase “Never have I ever….” followed by something you have never done. You can keep it innocent and sweet, like you have never tried peach ice cream before, or you can explore sexual topics and find out what your partner has done, why they did it, and if you would like to try it together!

Would You Rather

If you are a little hesitant about asking your partner about certain sexual positions, activities, or kinks, then playing Would You Rather is a great game to find out your partner’s personal preferences. During this game, you will ask your partner, “Would you rather…” and choose two options – would you rather have sex in the morning or at night? Why?

Being open about personal preferences and asking honest questions can help you facilitate a deeper connection with your partner the next time you see one another in person.

Blow, Bang, Leave On ‘Read’

Everyone has heard of ‘F***, marry, kill’ before, right? This version is a spiced-up and naughtier version of the popular game, where individuals choose which person out of 3 options they would choose to have sex with, marry, or kill. In this version, each partner takes turns saying how they would seduce the other person — in response, the person would say whether they would blow the person, bang them, or leave them on the road. Although it can seem a bit graphic, the scenarios add a humorous sense to the game!

Finish The Sentence

Finish the sentence is a way that you and your partner can build a sexual fantasy together. Just like the typical children’s word game, where you fill in the blank and add an ending to create your own story, you can do just the same with your partner. All you do is add one sentence at a time, seeing where your partner is headed with the story and what they have in their mind as far as sexual fantasies go. Keep it weird, make it fun, and explore one another’s inner thoughts!

Long-Distance Sex Toy Games

There are numerous long-distance sex toy games that couples can use to help build intimacy and add some fun to their relationship. Some of the most popular options are devices that use haptic feedback, communicating to both partners how the other person is feeling.

Control My Pleasure From Afar

This is a game for those who want to be turned on in public. Even though you may be living in separate cities or countries, you can play this game with one another to up the stakes and add a bit of risk to your foreplay. While you are in public, give the partner control of your remote device. They can then turn the device on whenever they want, whether you wear it at a restaurant, walking around with friends, or in a business meeting. If you want to trust your partner, and you want to add a bit of risky behavior, this game is a great way to test the limits.

Orgasm Race

This game has a name that perfectly describes it — you and your partner are both going to use sex toys or just your own body to see who can climax first. You can play the game over the phone or Facetime so you can look at one another while you are pleasuring yourself, adding to the intensity and the excitement of self-gratification.

“When They Say” Word Game

“When They Say” is a word game that helps build communication and simultaneously get your partner naked. Each partner picks a word that the other person is not allowed to say — but doesn’t tell their partner. You can then have a conversation, ask questions, or do whatever is needed to get them to say the forbidden word. Whenever they do, they must remove their clothes.

Long-distance truth or dare

This long-distance version of truth or dare adds a twist to the traditional game that we have all played as kids before. In this game, you will be speaking with your partner over the phone or FaceTime and challenging them to do specific sexual poses, acts, or answer questions to reveal hidden truths.


This classic ‘game’ is one of hte most popular ways for partners to communicate ad spice up their sex life while they are living thousands of miles apart. All you need is a computer or a phone to send dirty messages to one another. The risk of this game is seeding dirty text messages in public or while your partner is speaking with someone else — the risk of having the text message being read can increase the intensity of the game.

“Next time we meet” game

This long-distance sex game involves creating sexy scenarios to see what your partner wants to do next. Similar to building a story, you can keep asking each other questions and forming an answer to see the scenario that works best for both partners.

Sexy content sharing

A low-key sex game, this game involves sending sexual ideas to one another via online links, emails, and videos. You can give direct ideas of new positions you want o try, new toys, and new ideas for your next sexual intimacy encounter.


Sometimes, dressing up and pretending to be someone else is what you need to feel confident and sexy. This is the truth for role play – couples enjoy being someone else, being something else, and being intimate with their partner while putting on a charade of being someone else.

Strip games

Even though you may not be able to physically touch the other person and undress them, you can do so with your words. This is a good test to see if your partner listens to you, if they are confident undressing in front of you, and if they enjoy playing this game with you.


32.5 % of all long-distance relationships are college relationships

75 % of all engaged couples have been (at some point) in a long-distance relationship

2.9 % of all married couples in the United States live in a long-distance relationship

10 % of all marriages in the United States started as a long-distance relationship

What are some fun things you do with your partner in a long-distance relationship?

Partners can enjoy playing 20 questions, strip chess, online games, video chat, and making quizzes about one another.

What are some dirty dares for my long distance girlfriend?

Some dirty dares could be to have her Skype from a public place and begin to undress, remove her clothes while sitting in her car, or send a naughty picture.

How do couples in LDR feel sexually about each other?

Couples choose long-distance relationships because they deeply care about their partner in other ways besides just sexual attraction.

How can long distance couples satisfy their sexual desires?

Long-distance couples can masturbate over webcam with one another, send erotic and raunchy photos, write sexy stories, and dressing up for one another.

Do the couples who have long distances relationships have better sex than those who live together or live in the same city?

It doesn’t matter if you are in a long-distance relationship or you live in the same city. The sexual relationship is based on the passion between the partners and if their feelings are still strong.

Do girls who are in a relationship (long-distance) enjoy being touched by other boys if they are really horny?

From some partners’ personal experiences, this is not the case. Just because a person’s partner does not live near them, they will still respect the boundaries of their relationship and say ‘no’ to anyone who wants to touch them.

Is it possible to go without sex in a long distance relationship?

It is possible. Some couples do not pride having a sexual relationship over aspects of being together, such as talking and communicating with one another. Plus, couples can have ‘cyber sex’ via self-gratification and other intimacy methods.
Couples in long-distance relationships can spice up their life and rekindle the romance by exploring new sexual games. Just because they live across the country from one another, it doesn’t mean that their sex life has to go stagnant. Trying new games, facilitating open communication, and being honest with one another is key to building a strong and healthy long-distance relationship.

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