Remote Control Vibrators for Couples (We Vibe vs Lush)

By | April 6, 2022

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Managing an exciting and healthy sexual relationship requires finding new ways to keep things hot. Platforms like mainstream media and a refreshing openness toward sex and satisfaction have made it easier to be sensual and secure in your sex games. 

Now we have remote control vibrators from top producers like Lovense and We-Vibe. Let’s take a look at these companies and their best products, as well as the best ways to use their toys to pump up your sex life.  This We Vibe vs Lush matchup will compare two brands to help you pick which one rocks when it comes to the best sex toys for couples.

we vibe vs lush
We Vibe vs Lush

Get Your Lover’s Attention

Vibrators and sex play aren’t new. However, remote-controlled vibrators have changed the game. They create unique scenarios by putting you in control of your sexual pleasure. Regardless of whether it’s a We-Vibe or Lush product, using sex toys:

  • Improves your sex life
  • Boosts self-confidence as you experiment, reminding yourself how good it feels to get or give on your terms
  • Lets you have wonderful and intense orgasms
  • Manages intimacy with your partner
  • Grants you an exceptional aid for managing dysfunctions
  • Boosts libido and sexual anticipation
  • And — wait for it! — helps you sleep better

Also on the list, believe it or don’t, is the chance of lowered blood pressure. Sex decreases the level of your systolic blood pressure

Sexual activity is also an exercise, helping to reduce blood pressure and heart-related illness, keeping you physically and mentally fit. 

So, having a remote control vibrator nearby increases the possibility of sexual activity and enhances good health as well.

How to Choose a Remote Controlled Vibrator

The element of surprise is critical in the bedroom, and remote-controlled vibrators are all about the element of surprise. 

Each vibrator will have its own set of features to meet unique tastes. You can: 

  • Change settings without pausing! 
  • Program a complete experience for long-distance lovers from beginning to end! 
  • Pleasure your partner on opposite sides of the globe! 
  • Use them as a long-distance sex toy!

Options for remote-controlled vibrators include Bluetooth, remote, and Smartphone app control. And if you have the remote control of your partner’s vibrator, you can subtly surprise a lover when least expected. 

remote controlled vibrators

Choosing the best sex toy starts with you or the person it’s intended for. You can consider external factors like budget and safety, but a great experience fits the users’ tastes, desires, and needs. 

One person may love vulva stimulation. So a G-spot vibrator may not be the best solution. Direct clitoris stimulation may be perfect for another. A person who has a sensitive spot might like a finger vibrator.

Here are some criteria you look for when choosing a sex toy.

What suits your style?

The orgasm may be the end goal, but some prefer the journey. Few would deny that they’re not titillated by constant, deep stimulation. This is where patterns, music- or sound-enabled stimulation can be important.

Where do you like to use it?

Do you lean toward fun in the bath, shower, or pool? Waterproof options are significant considerations. 

Do you prefer privacy? While no vibrator is completely silent, get a quieter one. What about power and execution? We all have our preferences. Find a toy that matches yours.

What size do you prefer?

The design of internal sex toys aligns with real-life genitalia. But not all sex toys match their real-life counterpart – some are much larger or smaller. 

For those that value their privacy, getting something smaller that’s easy to hide might be the way to go.

How Do You Prefer Your Stimulation?

Remote-controlled sex toys come in many types. The key is choosing one that provides the joy you want. But there are basics to keep in mind.


You place internal sex toys in the vagina or the anal cavity. Internals are typically cylindrical, mimicking the penis.


External vibrators do not need to penetrate and are either used by themselves or with other toys. The shape and size can vary with a design to cover more area than an internal.


The combination provides internal g spot stimulation and external clitoral stimulation. The shape is what got these devices the nickname “rabbit vibrators.” They often resemble dildos with an added arm.


These vibrators differ from other solutions as they come with a base to prevent issues like getting stuck or lost.


Most men use penile toys to add a little fun to intercourse or masturbation. However, some also use these devices to help with dysfunctional issues. 

Here’s a list of where each device is best put to use:

Type of Device



In the vagina


Focus on labia and clitoris


Both in- and outside the vagina

Anal device

Internal or external stimulation of the anus

Penile device

Focus on the penile shaft

Not Just for the Ladies 

Gone are the days when sex toys focused on female pleasure while devices for men were pretty much one-dimensional. There are plenty of quality and varying devices for male stimulation. You’ve got strokers, penis massagers, and anal playthings. 

Lovense, the producer of the Lush vibrator, has the Max 2, a revolutionary masturbator. Men can lay back with 360-degree contractions, suction control, and an optional vagina sleeve. Sync your phone to it, and the orgasms will never stop.

While this may be about We Vibe vs Lush, we can’t deny both companies produce solutions everyone can find stimulating! Pair your toys, getting both sex partners as close to penetrative sex as possible without being in the same spot. 

Before we move on, also take into account you may want to lubricate a vibrator. Make sure to get a material that won’t dry quickly or frequently. 

Don’t use silicone with materials like rubber, jelly, TPE/TPR, or PVC. Only use body-safe silicone toys. Water makes for a pretty good lube with all materials, and it’s easy to clean. 

Remote Controlled vs. App Controlled

When it comes to couples, remote and app-controlled vibrators use differs primarily on distance. Bluetooth and remote-controlled devices require you to close the distance between partners. Apps give you the freedom to engage no matter how far apart couples are.

We-Vibe has the Sync. It’s a hands-free vibrator that intensifies pleasure with deep stimulation. Change vibration modes and intensity on a whim. But you have to be within ten feet of your lover. 

However, download the We-Connect app, and you can be anywhere in the world. Plus, with the app, use music or touch modes to create thrilling sensations.

Sync and Play

Sync and play devices are uniquely designed with the couple in mind. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, part of a bored couple, or like spicing things up with a little voyeurism, sync functionality maximizes sex play. 

The aforementioned Sync allows partners to customize settings for use during intercourse.

The Lush, currently in its third iteration, creates unlimited patterns and can sync to music and sound-activated vibrations. It’s completely programmable and, with the app, you can use unique power levels to make a partner (or yourself!) scream.

Be Gentle

It’s always a good idea to remember that a vibrator is an appliance. 

When you think of an appliance, items like stoves and refrigerators come to mind. But an application is more about function than design. 

That’s why a vibrator falls in this category. It’s essentially a device we use for a specific purpose. Unlike your fridge or stove, the big difference is that a vibrator comes in direct contact with parts of your body.

Vibrators are unique and don’t all perform the same way (and they’re not meant to). It’s important to remember to approach using a sex toy carefully. At least at first, as you develop an understanding of how the device works and affects the body. 

To get the most pleasure for your partner (and yourself, for that matter), get a good understanding of what your vibrator is capable of. 

Things like variable speeds, vibrations, and programmable features are important, but so is considering the impact the device will have on you, your lover, and your relationships. Just like body-on-body sex, it’s best to start slow before turning up the intensity.

Check Prices

Between Lovense and We-Vibe, there’s no doubt you can find a remote control vibrator or another sex gem that fits all the criteria. But like any purchase, spending a lot doesn’t mean you get the best. There’s no reason to break the bank. 

Remote control vibrators run the gamut of prices. While you can start for as little as $25, we’d recommend you stay away from products from unknown manufacturers that may be cheaply made. 

This is your body we’re talking about, and you should be ready to budget as much as possible to get a safe, well-manufactured toy.

The Unite is We-Vibe’s signature couples vibrator. It’ll run you $99, but its addition to sexual intensity will be worth every penny. They also have the Anniversary Collection (includes the Sync and Tango) at $149.

The Quake from Lovense, a new feature-rich adjustable dual vibrator, is currently sold for $129. But you can also get the Mission, Ambi, or Edge for less than $70 each.

Look at your budget and what you want your device to do to make the best shopping decisions.

We-Vibe Review

They have sold over six million units of its premiere vibrator. The company was born due to a lack of quality and creativity in the market and the idea there were no sex toys for couples

Today, they spread the word of eco-friendly and body-safe pleasure products as far as they can reach.

We-Vibe products consist of some of the most reliable sex toys in the business. From the Moxie to its latest, the Melt, the company leads the path in affordable ways to flip the script in the bedroom and beyond.

Their products utilize the latest proven tech and materials as the foundation of their designs. You’ll find the them all over the globe in thousands of adult stores, drug stores, boutiques, and online retailers.

We-Vibe is a respected designer and manufacturer of leading solo and couples pleasure products. They partner with top industrial designers, world-class engineers, noted sexual wellness experts, clinicians, and even consumers to develop intimacy devices for the well-being of the mind and body. 

The company uses body-safe and eco-friendly design for ergonomic high performance and design. 

This brand was born from research that showed the sex toy industry was just flooded with poorly designed products. They discovered too many people found sex toys intimidating for no other reason than societal mores. The company also learned there were no products desired for couples play. 

The revelations led to what we have today. An in-house designer using new technologies, the best materials, and creative concepts to spread joy.

We-Vibe Moxie

We-Vibe Moxie

The Moxie is a lovely little sex toy for intense pleasure with a bit of voyeurism tossed in. It has ten vibration levels and is whisper quiet. You place the device inside the underwear. Now, use the We-connect app to dance in your pants in front of the world!

We-Vibe Wand

The award-winning Wand vibrator has attachments that provide either smooth and stroking pleasure or focused and fluttery jolts. It has smart silence technology that turns vibrations on and off without fumbling for buttons. Its silky touch is a favorite with the guys.

We-Vibe Jive 

The Jive is a basic sex toy, but it’s good fun and has nice settings. You insert the Jive comfortably into the vagina. The tail hangs snugly from the sling of undergarments. Bluetooth lets you control the action from your smartphone. 

We-Vibe Nova

The Nova and its upgrade, the Nova 2, are dual stimulators that tease both the G-spot and clitoris. The design has powerful cord-free vibrations. It’s waterproof and submersible and, as it’s silicone, needs a water-based lube. Unlike similar dual stimulators, the Nova won’t lose clitoral contact after it’s placed.

The NEW We-Vibe Melt 

We-Vibe Melt

Developed for couples, the Melt is slipped between partners during sex and increases intimacy. It has a pressure chamber that generates rapid pressure waves. During orgasm, that promotes engorgement of the clitoris for an unparalleled suction sensation.

Check We-Vibe Prices

Their pricing is reasonable when you consider the rate of return. While prices are always subject to change, here’s what you’ll end up spending for some of their top toys right now.

Control is in the App

There’s no finer way to manage intimacy across long distances than with an app-enabled sex toy. We-Connect has remote control capability without the limitation of distance. 

Install We-Connect, and you can be across the country or the room and have the ability to control your partner’s pleasure.

From penis rings to butt plugs and clitoral vibrators, separation can’t keep you apart sexually. Make room throughout the day to connect and prepare the mood. 

Sexting is a great way to get the ball rolling. Shoot off a few seductive photos or video chats. Get creative and take your time. Remember, good things come to us who wait!

We-Connect creates closeness when you’re apart or pumps up the volume when you’re together.

Features of the We-Vibe app

Here are some things that drive us crazy about We-Connect.

  • Local and long-distance sex
  • Video chatting and sharing
  • In-app messaging
  • Syncing music 
  • Vibration manipulation
  • Creating and sharing patterns

You can go to ‎ the App Store and download the We-Connect for We-Vibe sync

Lush Review

Lovense Lush 3

The Lush is the signature product from the crew at Lovense. Lovense is a house of great sex toys that promise to give your sex life all-new highs. 

Since 2010, Lovense has been rocking the world and genitalia everywhere. At the company’s launch, they released the first toy with internet connectivity, the first “smart” vibrator that used Skype. The device also synced with music, being yet another first. 

Today, Lovense holds a rich library of sex toys for enhanced sexual experience, whether by yourself or with a partner. 

The company’s library is a culmination of extensive research and development, combining the right teams, technologies, and processes. 

The company’s founder began his life in sex toys when he was in a long-distance relationship. His desire to enhance sexual intimacy sparked a desire to learn what he could about teledildonics. A year later came the Remote Pleasure, a device controlled by Skype. 

Since then, the Nora and the Max were developed, being the beginning of app-based sex toys. The former being the first Bluetooth rabbit vibrator and the latter being the world’s first Bluetooth mastubator for men.

The Lush has easily become Lovense’s signature toy. And the Lush 3 is their latest love egg.

Designed for solo play, long-distance coupling, and discreet public play, the Lush and its upgrades are wearable vibrators with smartphone capability. It’s rechargeable, and the power lasts up to two hours. You can also operate the Lush manually.

You place the Lush into the vagina with the tail outside the body. The vibration is of high-end quality, delivering surprisingly rumbling vibrations. 

Lovense Lush

With an intuitive remote app to enhance the festivities, the Hush is a butt plug. It’s quiet, allowing for discreet public play. The design promises to be comfortable for wear across several hours (but too firm for an entire day). 

The Lush comes in two sizes, both offering fullness for all fans of anal play.

Lovense Lush 2

The major difference between the Lush 3 and its predecessor starts with this version having a redesigned antenna. The company also made significant improvements in connectivity. 

But what truly stood out was the larger motor to boost the device‘s oomph without impacting battery life. The Lush 2 has sound-activated, unlimited vibration patterns, and syncing to your favorite tunes.

How to Sync Lush 2

Here are the procedures for syncing your Lush 3 with your devices.

For Pairing With Android, iOS, or Mac

  • Press and hold the POWER button to turn on your Lush 2.
  • A flashing light will indicate the power is ON.
  • Tap the “+” button to begin the search. Once scanning is complete, tap “DONE.” 
  • The light will continue going as the connection gets finished.
  • Your toy is now controllable by your device.

You’ll only have to pair once, and from that point, the Lush 2 should auto-connect.

An icon (a large red circle) is the signal that you’re connected. It switches to a “paper clip” button if there’s no connection. If paired properly, the reconnect will be automatic.

Pair With a PC

  • Press and hold Lush 2’s power button to turn it on.
  • A flashing will indicate the device is on.
  • Take the Lovense Bluetooth USB adapter and plug it into one of your computer’s USB ports.
  • Click the “paper clip” icon.
  • Tap “+” to start the search.
  • Once the Lush 2 finishes, tap DONE.
  • The light stays on to show the connection.
  • Your device is now controllable with the PC.

Pairing With a Partner

  • Find the LONG DISTANCE tab.
  • Tap “+.” This is for adding a contact.
  • Enter the contact’s username.
  • Tap ADD.
  • Wait for your partner to accept the request.
  • Once accepted, the contact should show in the tab.

You can edit the preferences for each partner/contact. Just click SETTINGS and adjust the information. To message, press the “+” button for control options.

Lovense Lush 3 

We’ve heard the Lush 3 referred to as part of the Lovense “Lush Dynasty.” The 3 is one in a series of Lush products that deliver strong vibes to the G-spot. And with the app, get it done from anywhere on the planet. 

The Lush 3 manages a cleaner Bluetooth connection than most of the app-controlled platforms out there. For real playas, you can give anonymous one-time control to a second party.

Lovense Max 2 

The Lovense Max 2 is a straightforward and neat sex masturbator. It comes with a generic orifice, but you can purchase your own to maximize pleasure. The device has a dedicated app, 360-degree contractions, soft and squishy nodules and bumps, and tons of stimulating vibrations. 

Its textured sleeve feels like a Fleshjack, creating a genuine massage and caress to the shaft. The device has an airbag tech for expanding, tightness, and contraction.

The NEW Lovense Quake 

Lovense Quake

The Quake is an interactive app-controlled dual vibrator. With it, you have a cool hands-free device that, once inserted, will bring simultaneous joy to the G-spot and clit

The Quake is compact and engineered from the softest and silkiest silicone to gently impact your sweet spots. Its adjustability makes it easy to find the best position, yet its stability ensures that it doesn’t move once you find that area.

Check Lush Prices

report states that 60 percent of those surveyed have used a sex toy with the person they’re seeing or were with recently. Meanwhile, 75 percent of respondents confessed to using one with a partner in the past. So, sex toys are definitely well utilized. 

But we want to make sure the novice, intermediate, and experienced user knows what they’re getting into, especially when it comes to the budget.

Here’s a general look at what you might expect to spend on Lovense products.

There’s an App for That

The Lovense app works across all their Bluetooth-enabled toys, being designed to offer the best user experience. There’s an easy setup that takes minutes and — boom! — your smartphone is a wireless remote. 

The app is feature-rich, guaranteed to take sex play with Lovense to the next level. Play solo or hand the vibrator to your partner. 

Features of the Lovense App

Here’s what you can look forward to when using the Lovense app.

  • Video chat
  • In-app messaging
  • Music syncing to
  • Long-distance sex
  • Vibrations syncing 
  • Create and share patterns

Get ready to take your Lovense devices to the next level and grab the Lovense app on Google Play.

We Vibe vs Lush

The Lush by Lovense and We-Vibe are two of the best-selling products in the adult market. The Lush is on its third iteration, while the original We-Vibe remains the standard for developing vibrators. 

But which is better? Let’s take a look from the perspective of the most important opinion of all: the consumer.


We-Vibe: What They’re Saying

The general consensus is that It continues to bring an extraordinary sexual experience to many. We-Vibe brings many different speeds and experiences with each product.

Many people feel that We-Vibe is more than worth the price.

Lush: What They’re Saying

A lot of customers of Lovense agree that Lovense has changed the game for the foreseeable future when it comes to these adult toys.  The Lush line of adult sex toys are great additions to the market as a whole.

Customers in particular partners feel that they are getting mutual enjoyment out of the Lovense Lush line of adult toys.

Overall Experience

We-Vibe: What Customers are Saying

Overall, We-Vibe is versatile and has great battery life.  Since they are rechargeable, they promise a single charge will provide more than enough time for sensual play.

The motor is whisper quiet which adds to the discreetness factor. 

Lush: What Customers are Saying

Hands-free pleasure and Bluetooth control are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Lush and customer satisfaction, especially regarding the upgrade. 

The Lovense Lush does not experience any connection problems which can be quite an inconvenience when that occurs. And, each iteration seems to be more powerful than the previous one.

We Vibe vs Lush: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that are often asked when comparing We-Vibe and Lush.

We Vibe vs Lush: Who has the Best Long Distance Option?

Lush may have the edge here. It’s pretty much agreed that the Lovense app has better connectivity than much of its competition. 

That means you’re less likely to lose your connection at the worst (or is that best?) moments.

How Long can you Wear a Vibrator?

While manufacturers boast you can wear their vibrators for hours at a time, unless you’re using it all those hours, we suggest you stick to a little over an hour and remove it.

Do the We-Vibe or Lush Apps Cost Money?

Everything costs money. But we can’t recommend enough that you buy a quality, safe device from a reputed manufacturer. We-Vibe and Lush are leaders in their industries. 

The two companies have brought joy to thousands. If you have to save some pennies to get the best product, do it.

How Do You Sync With the We-Vibe App?

We-Connect is easy to install and sync. You download and install the app from Google (for Android) or the Apple store (for iPhone

Open the application and follow the easy instructions for syncing with your devices.

How Do You Sync With the Lush App?

Lovense’s app provides connectivity across all its devices

You can find the app in the Apple (for the iPhone) or Google store (for Android). Download and install it. Open the app and follow the simple instructions for syncing all your devices.

Do the Products Ship in Discreet Packaging?

Absolutely. Both sex toy producers respect your privacy. You can expect both companies to package all shipments in nondescript containers with discreet labeling.

Which One Wins

The idea behind the vibrator or any other sexual accessory — feathers, ice, candle wax, etc. — is to approach the action with an open mind. When it comes to sexual pleasure, you have to be inclusive and open. 

You want to welcome and accept another person’s idea of healthy sex to the best of your preferences.

We believe if you’re gotten this far in our article, you’re probably the kind of person we just described. Someone who’s already using toys or is ready (or at least curious) about all the lovely sex tools you can get your hands on.

The world of sex toys comes across as scary to many novices. The Lush and We-Vibe might seem intimidating if you’re new to this, but trust they’re not big scary monsters. 

They’re legal to have and use and shouldn’t bring feelings of shame. Additionally, how you choose to live your life is no one’s business (except your partner’s). 

Both the Lush and We-Vibe are remote-controlled sex toys intended to stimulate, specifically targeting the G-spot. They each have an app that lets you put sex play in a global arena. 

Both are feature-rich solutions. There are preset patterns and modes of vibration, plus the ability to create your own. Vibration intensity is adjustable. 

The products perform at an acceptable 45 decibels max. That functionality means you can play safely in public without making a spectacle of yourself (as long as you can manage that screwface). 

Both devices are discreet and comfortable, and you can take them anywhere for pulsating action.

Lastly, session durations are adjustable and — oh baby! — if you find a particular experience worth repeating, you can save the pattern and go back in the future.

The only winner here is the consumer who buys either the We-Vibe or Lush.

Bottom Line: You Can’t Go Wrong With Either Toy

The adult sex toy market has a range of opportunities to explore and blow up the imagination. 

There has been no better time to enhance your sexual experiences than right now with the advancing technology.

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