Best Sex Dolls 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

By | January 5, 2022

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A sex doll may appear to be an ideal sex toy for your desires, but it may be as expensive as you make it. Many individuals use sex dolls or have used them in the past, and it may be a lot of fun or good practice. Everyone understands what a sex doll is, but how do you locate the ideal sex doll specifically for you?

Sex dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it difficult to choose the right one. Fortunately, we have put together this guide to help you make the best decision. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for the most lifelike sex doll or the best affordable sex doll on the market!

The following is a list of the best sex dolls.

Top 5 Best Sex Dolls 2022

1. Britney 29.67lb Sex Doll

Britney 29.67lb Sex Doll Best Sex Dolls

Britney arrives in her own package, which reads, she’s so horny thinking about you.It’s the ideal technique to pique your interest in what this doll will look like and what desires she would fulfill.

Britney is stunning. We didn’t think anything could beat Stacy’s Mom, but Britney is just better in every way.

Her breasts are realistic, with separate silicone implants within. It enhances the pleasure of squeezing them. We like how the breasts aren’t quite identical; one is slightly larger and shaped differently than the other. It simply adds to the doll’s authentic feel.

Her body is exquisitely shaped. She has a slim waist and a well-formed ass. Her ass is shaped slightly upwards, making her ideal for doggy style when turned over.

Unique Features

  • It is weighing only 29.67 pounds
  • Her height is 43 cm, her hips are 32 centimeters wide, and her shoulders are 28 centimeters wide
  • The vaginal canal is 6 inches long and 0.4 inches wide
  • The F cup silicone boobs are soft and elastic, similar to the genuine thing, thanks to innovative silicone and TPE fusion technology
  • The 3D legs’ support design elevates the buttocks and features a golden angle in the doggie style
  • It has realistic vaginal, anal, and full cup breasts that are ready to excite and satisfy
  • It is composed of high-quality TPE material that is soft, skin-friendly, and has no odor


  • Britney’s natural breast size allows her to wear a variety of beautiful outfits, and you are free to dress her any way you choose
  • Sturdy skeleton
  • Perfect for doggystyle
  • Breast implants made of silicone
  • Skin that appears to be alive
  • Great ass
  • Discreet shipping
  • 14-day return policy


  • Expensive
  • Cold to touch in winters


2. Aurora 52lb Sex Doll

Aurora 52lb Sex Doll

Aurora has a beautiful female shape and amazing body curves. She may be adjusted to whatever position you desire because of the high-quality metal skeleton construction. After you dress her up in your favorite outfits, she becomes so appealing that you feel as if you’re having a perfect time with a real woman.

Aurora is a sports girl with a devilish physique. She has a thin and curvaceous figure. Her breasts and hips are also a little firmer as a result of her fitness efforts, giving her the appearance of a fit female.

Aurora has a slim build, yet her flexible and stable frame allows her to adjust between positions such as doggie, missionary, spooning, and so on.

Unique Features

  • She has the sexiest curves with big and round tits and an ergonomic golden angle design
  • She can be stretched without losing shape
  • Her skin is firm yet supple and delicate
  • Aurora’s high-quality metal skeleton allows her to adapt to any position you desire
  • Aurora is a life-sized sex doll, which means you can dress her up however you want
  • Made from high-quality TPE materials
  • There are two color options available


  • A realistic and seductive pussy, as well as a tight and elastic ass for you to spank while penetrating her
  • You can penetrate her in missionary, doggy, spoons and scissors, and other realistic positions by bending her waist, hips, and legs in realistic positions
  • Standard packaging that is completely discreet
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Free International Shipping
  • 14-day return policy


  • Little bit expensive


3. Cecilia 19.84lb Sex Doll

Cecilia 19.84lb Sex Doll

Cecilia, a young girl, has a small butt that weighs 19.84LB. As a result, you’ll be able to have more doggy sex with her. Her tiny body and unrivaled tight tunnel are ideal for your need for real sex, and she’s also simple to clean and move.

Cecilia has a sweet little butt that is soft, skin-friendly, and simple to manipulate and store. She is the preferred butt for beginners and a fantastic upgrade from Fleshlight.

The simulated pussy is both realistic and appealing. Furthermore, Cecilia’s soft vaginal wall is inlaid with 6 elastic large beads covered with lines, providing a strong thrusting experience.

Everything is so well done that you might forget she’s just a sex doll. Her anus structure is realistic, and you can’t tell the difference.

Unique Features

  • Cecilia is made of skin-like TPE with pores and goosebumps, just like a real woman’s skin.
  • Both tunnels are completely enclosed, creating a realistic resistance when you penetrate inside and a pleasurable “suction” sensation when you pull out.
  • Water-based lubricant compatible.
  • Not made of toxic materials.
  • Slim waist with a large soft butt.
  • There are two holes for different types of sex.
  • Lightweight that allows you to fuck her in a variety of positions.
  • Sex doll of exceptional quality.


  • You don’t have to use a lot of lubricant
  • Cecilia’s skin is extremely soft
  • This doll will be delivered in private and completely discreet standard packaging
  • Realistic sexy ass
  • Simple to clean
  • Torso sex doll of exceptional quality
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Materials of the highest quality that can withstand rough sex


  • There is no con


4. Candice 43lb Blonde Sex Doll

Candice 43lb Blonde Sex Doll

Candice is a water baby from Coco Beach, Florida, who is naughty and blonde.

Candice has natural-looking, large, perky breasts. She sunbathes naked, so there are no tan lines on her smooth, baby soft skin. She has a large vagina and adores ass play.

She is about the size of an average girl, and her breast-to-ass ratio is ideal, allowing you to forget she’s a doll and immerse yourself in a variety of positions.

Candice is a one-to-one scale replica of a perfect female figure. As a result, dressing her up in your preferred style is simple. Furthermore, she has two large tits with well-defined nipples, ensuring that you will have a pleasurable breast experience. Tunnels of Candice are notable for having textured nodules and ridges on the inner walls, which increase friction and quickly drive you to a fantasy world.

Unique Features

  • Dress her up in whatever way you want
  • Skin that is elastic and human-like, with realistic pores and goosebumps
  • Two large tits with well-formed nipples
  • Her internal framework ensures her stability
  • Tunnels that can be stretched without deforming
  • TPE materials of superior quality
  • Three different sex experiences of vagina, anus, and breast
  • Available in two colors


  • The texture of Human Skin
  • Female Figure in Life-Size
  • Tunnels with a lot of bumps
  • Sexy ass
  • When you stroke, the closed-end provides a virgin-like suction
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Warranty period of two years


  • There is no con


5. Louise 24.25Lb Realistic Sex Doll

Louise 24.25Lb Realistic Sex Doll

Louise is happy to assist you in realizing any of your wildest fantasies. She is more than just a sex toy; she is a complete sex treasure that will make your orgasms much more exciting. It’s as simple as incorporating Louise into your sex life. She will introduce you to a new world of pleasure that you will never forget and that you will miss very soon.

Louise is very comfortable with double penetration. You can have sex with her in any position because she’s not heavy (only 24.25lbs). You can do things like doggy style, g-whiz, wheelbarrow, magic mountain, scoop, make her ride you, and whatever else comes to mind.

She is a lovely young lady with a realistic pussy that adapts well to your penis. With the tunnel’s various comb shape friction and continuous stripe texture, you’ll forget she’s not real and just immerse yourself.

Unique Features

  • This sex toy is made of a long-lasting, super-soft TPE material
  • It is hypoallergenic, extremely elastic, soft, recyclable, and water-resistant
  • This toy is one of the few with parted legs, which provides a stable enough base to thrust into
  • Louise is a life-sized doll, which means you can dress her up however you want
  • Both tunnels are intended to provide you with the most enjoyment possible
  • Masturbator with vagina and ass openings for varied pleasure sessions
  • Pores and goosebumps on the skin


  • The texture of Human Skin
  • Pussy and Tunnel are realistic
  • Exceptional Spanking Pleasure
  • The experience is far superior to Fleshlight
  • Juicy Labia is extremely realistic
  • Realistic wrinkles
  • Curves that are both sexy and appealing
  • Shipping is discreet
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • Users say that feel isn’t that great


Buying a Sex Doll: Factors to Look for

1. Types Of Sex Doll Materials

Sailors used to make female sex dolls out of cloth and old clothing in the 17th century, which sounds pretty unsettling. Nowadays, they can be made of silicone and TPE, making them far more pleasurable to have sex with.

Which one should you pick? Silicone is a non-porous and easy-to-clean material. It’s the stuff that many fleshlights and dildos are made of. It also has a longer lifespan than other materials.

TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer, is another material that some of the top sex dolls are made of. TPE is essentially a type of rubber. It is more difficult to clean and does not last as long as silicone, but it is less expensive and still looks and feels realistic.

2. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying Sex Dolls

We’ve tested hundreds of sex dolls and have seen both the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing sex dolls. You can now find a detailed list of our main advantages and disadvantages so you can decide if these products are exactly what you need.


  • It’s a great way to get your sex life started without all the drama
  • It improves your social confidence and can boost your self-esteem and increase your chances of meeting the girl of your dreams
  • They can look and feel incredible and realistic
  • It can bring meaning to your life in ways that masturbation cannot. Remember that sex is a sweaty, sticky workout. Prepare for a six-pack!
  • Having sex with a sex doll will never cause you to contract STD


  • Some best sex dolls are very expensive
  • They may take up a lot of space
  • Purchasing sex dolls is not yet socially acceptable
  • Scammers and knock-offs can be dangerous! Some Chinese companies are cutting corners and producing dangerous fake sex dolls

3. Sex Doll Customization Options

When you get to the doll personalization stage, you’ll notice that there are many options to consider.

To make matters even more tricky, different brands offer different personalization options.

But below are the important points to remember:

Standing Legs

A doll that falls over easily is not worth your money. Standing feet include three screws that run from the footplate to the soles of the feet. You’ll be glad you got standing feet so the doll doesn’t have to sit all the time. While the doll is standing, it is easier to dress and clean it. The only disadvantage is that bolts are extremely difficult to remove from pantyhose, nylons, or even thin socks.

The Body Types, Skin Tone & Breast Size

You must select the most appealing body shape for you. You can change the heads later (which sounds creepy), but you can’t change the body. Men are visual creatures; it’s all about the looks — choose something you love, not something you like.

The Hair Color

The thing about hairstyles is that the longer they are, the more effort it takes to keep them tangle-free and looking good. Shorter hair may be a less problematic option. In terms of material, some wigs have a chemical odor, so if you’re dissatisfied with the wig you received, check Amazon for cheap and great wig deals.

Pubic Hair

If you enjoy pubic hair, we recommend purchasing a sex doll with pubic hair. Sex dolls without pubic hair are also available.

Makeup And Eye Color

If you intend to use cosmetics yourself to change the appearance of your doll, make sure to specify “no makeup” in the order notes. On sex dolls, liquid eyeliner and powdered cosmetics look great. It is also critical to select the appropriate eye color.

So, these are the major decisions.

We strongly advise you to contact the doll company’s customer service department first and ask all specific questions.

You’ll be able to get pictures and ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sex Dolls

Q1. What Is A Sex Doll?

A sex doll is a type of sex toy that is sized and shaped like a sexual partner and is used to aid in masturbation. The sex doll can be an entire body with a face or just a pelvic part with sexual stimulation accessories. The parts are occasionally vibrating and may be removable or interchangeable.

Q2. How Should You Take Care Of Your Sex Doll?

Fortunately, most sex dolls come with removable vaginas, which makes cleaning a lot easier. To keep the doll clean and in good condition, use an antimicrobial soap and wash it regularly (in a bath, for example). To avoid bacterial problems, wash any crevasses you use immediately after use.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAlways thoroughly dry your doll; failure to do so may result in fungus and/or bacterial growth. To dry the doll, never use heat or force. Dry it gently with a towel, preferably with some renewal powder to keep the skin in good condition.

Q3. Is It Safe To Have Sex With A Sex Doll?

Yes! With these sex dolls, you can have oral sex, anal sex, and traditional sex without fear. The sex dolls are made of a special silicone that feels real to the touch but does not burn. It is 100 percent safer than real sex, and there is no risk of pregnancy or STDs!

Q4. Should You Use A Sex Doll?

Males and females of all professions can and do enjoy using them.If you’re at ease with it and don’t mind the stereotypes, this is a great sex toy to have around the house. Here are a few examples of how one of these might suit your lifestyle.

They’re ideal for the recently divorced man who is horny as hell but isn’t yet ready to go through all the emotions and stress of finding a genuine woman. A doll may cost a lot of money, but it is less expensive than taking a girl out on a few dates! In addition, sex is guaranteed.

Busy men who work long hours or have multiple jobs may not have time for a real-life female companion. A doll is an ideal way to let go of all that pent-up anxiety from a stressful week at work.

Q5. Why Should You Buy A Lifelike Sex Doll?

Purchasing sex dolls has become very popular in the modern era. You’ve probably heard that many people now own Realistic Sex Dolls to satisfy their sex desires. With the increased demand for sex dolls, manufacturers are now producing sex dolls that look and feel like real ones using artificial intelligence, promising a human-like experience.

To a degree, the sex doll has succeeded in replacing the real woman. People have begun to purchase sex dolls for a variety of reasons, including sexual disharmony or the absence of sexual partners.

Sex dolls can help you improve your quality of life and get rid of the loneliness that you are experiencing in your life. These dolls are always ready to welcome you and have a great time having sex with you. There will be no changes in their mood, no hormonal imbalances, just your all-time partner satisfying all of your sex desires.

Q6. What Kind Of Sex Doll Is Fit For You?

Sex doll is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Everyone deserves love and companionship, but unfortunately, some people do not have these things in their lives. But don’t worry because there is always a solution to a problem, and for you, the solution is a TPR sex doll. This type of doll will assist you in enjoying intimacy as well as sex without the stress that often occurs when you are with someone.

There are times when people wish to have sex with their loved ones but are unable to do so; for them, a sex doll can be an ideal gift. The sex doll is simple to use and reasonably priced. It has smooth sexy breasts, big luscious butts, a lovely face, and anatomical openings for the ultimate sexual pleasure. You can purchase a sex doll with or without limbs, as well as with added thighs or shoulders.

They are available in a variety of sizes and weights to meet your needs. Because they are so versatile, you can use them in a variety of ways to have the perfect sex time. Sex doll manufacturers use high-quality materials such as TPR and silicone, and they pay close attention to every detail, whether it is breast or genital. When you have sex with a sex doll, you will feel as if you are having sex with real women because the sex openings and texture are perfectly molded.


Aurora is the most suitable sex doll for the vast majority of men. She is the most realistic sex doll on the market today, with a bendable metal skeleton and realistic mouth, butt, and vagina. Not surprisingly, Brittany is also one of the best silicone sex dolls.

That’s all there is to it, folks! As you can see, there are many incredible sex dolls available today, and we hope our sex doll reviews will be useful in making your decision.

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