About Us

It can be quite overwhelming choosing the right sex toy for yourself since there are so many kinds available on the market now. Reaching the pinnacle of pleasure becomes easier with the help of these toys because you and your partner deserve happiness and a fulfilling sex life. At iHeart Bucks, we strive to provide you with articles and information that will make the hunt for the best products for you a lot easier. . 

You will find a compiled list of all kinds of sex toys for everyone on our website. Our writers put in the extra legwork to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information reaches you. At iHeart Bucks, we believe that physical pleasure is an important path to achieving peace and satisfaction of the mind. 

In the hullabaloo of our busy lives, we tend to forget these important things or often wait to find a suitable partner who can satisfy these needs. Why wait for someone else to satiate your physical needs when you can do it yourself? As great as it is to have someone to share it all with, we believe that exploring your own body and pleasure is an important step for sexual gratification. 

The website is divided into two sections- ‘Sex Toys for Men’ and ‘Sex Toys for Women’. Under the first section, you will find all the information you require on toys like cock rings that will make you fall in love with sex all over again and encourage you to explore different sensations with your partner. Under the women’s section, you will come across a range of dildos, vibrators, wand vibrators, and other sex toys. 

The articles highlight some of the best features of each product but it also provides a realistic understanding of the cons that the sex toys might have. We hope you explore and come to love your body even more with our help. 

Who Are We?

iHeart Bucks is a website that was started with the intention of tackling the taboo around sex toys and help people understand the benefits as well as the cons of the many products available now. We believe that while sex and pleasure can be attained through various means,  one must be careful about the quality, hygiene and concerns associated with sex products.. Our articles cover all of these aspects to bring you the best. 

Author Bios

Ryan Wallace


Our first author is Ryan Wallace who is a sex educator at Bridge High School in Wisconsin. He truly believes in the importance of having all the knowledge possible about one’s body, its pleasure points, and what is good for its physical and mental well-being. Ryan is passionate about making sex safe and fun for everyone involved, whether they are teenagers or adults.. Other than educating people about sex and writing on sex toys for our website, he is an avid reader and likes to snuggle up on the couch to read a book on off-days. 

Deborah Green


Deborah is our in-house researcher with a reputation for accurate and reliable research. This is truly evident from the articles she writes which are always accurate and reliable. Born and raised in the US, she believes that women and their sexuality are often repressed by society. She believes sex needs to be normalized and women’s pleasure must be made a priority., Deborah specialises in writing some of the most well-informed articles on sex toys for women.